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Social Media Report: O’Dome Overload

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When I first started O’Dome Overload, I tried to promote the blog to other sportswriters at the Alligator to see if anyone wanted to contribute to the site or had any pointers. A major facet to the success of other sports blogs I’ve run across this year is that they have a diversified voice in the content that’s produced, so readers don’t get tired of viewing the same opinion over again. While I couldn’t recruit any other writers to latch on before the end of the semester, I think just vocalizing that I was starting a blog to other people on the beat helped garner more views.

My main goal with O’Dome Overload was to promote the Alligator’s sports section as much as possible and try to drive hits from my blog to the paper’s site. Hopefully, most of the views I’ve gotten within the last couple months have lured people into also checking out

The social media promotion I tried was mostly on Facebook. A former Alligator writer who also runs a WordPress blog on Gators sports publicizes his new posts mostly that way as well, which allows for instant feedback from friends in the Facebook comments section. Although Twitter would be a good tool to use as well to promote my blog, I’m still a somewhat infrequent visitor to the site and usually narrow my presence to posting breaking news.




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April 19, 2012 at 5:10 pm

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