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The Poligraft money trail

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Poligraft, first of all, is a great tool for finding bias or outing the political leanings of companies and media outlets. If you are ever skeptical of a news site’s tone or stance on an issue, then Poligraft can show you where its coming from – or more precisely – who they’re giving money to. The way it highlights the campaign contribution of not only employees of a specific company, but also family members and PACs is really remarkable.

I chose to run through a political column from Jonah Goldberg from the National Review about how “Obama isn’t doing enough to lower gas prices.”

Escalating prices for gasoline is an issue almost everyone can relate to, so I figured it would be a good story to begin with. I knew coming in that the Review is a conservative-leaning site (so it wasn’t a surprise to see its graph overwhelmingly red), but it was interesting to see how those in the automobile and energy industries contribute their money to campaigns. It definitely makes sense that they too would want a “drill baby drill” type of president in office.



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March 14, 2012 at 7:46 am

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