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While many newspapers have invested their energy into updating topic sections on their sites and have even implemented the use of blogs, creating an evergreen content page can be great second-level resource for their readership.

Though the focus of each one of these pages will be narrow, it can present your news outlet as an authority on that topic and can be readable for years.

Almost every paper in America has a sports section, and, at one time or another, writes about the BCS system in college football. But not all decide to take an in-depth look at how a specific BCS Bowl game works, how money changes hands and if there is any corruption, as Arizona Central investigated on its site.  

The compilation process will be time consuming, but it will also enrich the site as a go-to resource. Every time a UF student athlete is arrested, the Alligator runs a graphic in the print edition updating the, for instance, the football team’s legal troubles compared to other SEC schools.

These news stories and investigative pieces are some of the most read on the site. Seldom-used UF lineman Leon Orr was arrested on drug-related charges recently and the story was retweeted 84 times in 48 hours. The rate of arrests over the last four years has not decreased, so why not put them together and create a project page?

The same has been done by ESPN with the concussion issue in sports. ESPN has several topic pages, but the compilation of information for this particular injury stands out above the rest. Along with updated articles, columns and videos, the site also goes into detail about how concussions occur and what guidelines for prevention and treatment are in each sport. Athletes whose careers have been ended by concussions are also listed.


Social media tool:

Delicious can be a great resource for journalists to both bookmark sites they already use and to find new ones. While a person can bookmark on their personal computer’s browser, Delicious allows the user to pull up his or her links anywhere, including on a mobile device.

In the end, I think it might be a smarter form of browsing the Internet and searching for information because you can go directly off of others’ suggestions.

For my own Delicious account, I created a stack with the five college basketball sites that I look at on a daily basis. It gets pretty tedious pulling all of them on my work computer every day, so hopefully this social networking tool can help streamline the process.


Written by jboothe

February 22, 2012 at 6:31 pm

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  1. Good, maybe a little thin re discussion and aggregation.
    I like your link to concussion.
    I like your stacks!

    Ronald R. Rodgers

    February 22, 2012 at 7:54 pm

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