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When backlash leads to blogging

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While it always saddens me to hear people say journalism isn’t what it used to be or refer to it as some evil machine, the New York Times makes a convincing argument that some news outlets are doing business the wrong way.

Just like every other national corporate entity these days, it feels like large newspapers have to deal with their own forms of shady dealings in upper management.

Perhaps that’s why local news is still a surviving, and in select cases, thriving part of small newspapers. People are tired of the political agendas big media conglomerates like CNN and FOX News force down  their throats and find solace in reading about their world on a micro level – where the reporting isn’t as slanted and it still feels like a community service is being done.

Clearly, the backlash against big media has also promulgated the existence of blogs and citizen journalism sites, which are a great secondary resource for news if the reporting is done responsibly.

Though blogs have many a niche they ban can carve for online readership, few, if any, can hold a local audience on city-wide news alone. Too many of those who actually read local news are older in age and are already getting it from a newspaper.

Even in the sports realm, many of the blogs that I read such as Sports By Brooks and Deadspin are sloppily reported and loosely edited at times. Unlike the newspapers and magazines I read, not many sports blogs do the serious leg work needed to accurately and effectively report on a story.

Locally, there are around three online-based sites (GatorBait, Inside the Gators, Gator Country) that report on nothing but Florida athletics. The lack of a published presence allows them to generate much more content than newspaper sports section like at the Alligator or Gainesville Sun, but there is also a drop in the quality of writing and editing of the stories.


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Written by jboothe

February 8, 2012 at 5:28 pm

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  1. OK – nicely edited – it’s got voice. Seems it could have elaborated a bit more on readings – for example content farms – in order to better support your headline.
    a niche they ban can carve for online readership, ???
    city-wide = wide words are usually solid – see AP

    Ronald R. Rodgers

    February 8, 2012 at 5:43 pm

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